Thursday, February 07, 2008

What is it with older people & voice mail??

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME my mother calls & leaves a voice message, it sounds like this:

"Angelikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this is your motherrrrrrrrr, I'm calling to tell you blah blah motherfucking blah. So call me back. This is your motherrrrrrrrrrr."

I know what the fuck her voice sounds like. I've heard it for 36 mothereffing years (if you count the time in the womb.)

WHYYYYYYYYYY does she have to tell me who it is?

WHYYYYYYYY does she have to talk so fucking slow???

What the hell?

This is why I hate talking to her on the phone (I hate talking to her regardless, but it's worse on the phone). She does not understand the concept of "Brief". As soon as I hear her voice, I click "DELETE". She'll come by if it's important. And she hates coming by almost as much as I have having her come by, LOL.

Here is my imitation of my motherrrrrrrrrrr on my voice mail.

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I got a headache just hearing her voice on my geedee voice mail.

I would change my number, but Suck Up Evan would call her & she'd have it on her geedee caller ID anyway.

I need a valium. Or an orgasm. Or something...

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