Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thursday Memeage - 2/7/08

3x Thursday

1. If you're an American, are you registered to vote? If not, why not? Does it matter to you? If you do not live in the USA, what type of government does your country have? Between yours and ours, which government is better? Why? Yes, I'm registered to vote.

2. Registered American voter or not, what do you think of all these primary elections leading up to the real thing 9 months from now? Does it matter to you? Why/why not? Do you think it matters at *all*? Why/why not?
I wish it didn't take months and months. I do not like all of the political ads, all the politicians showing up EVERYWHERE, etc. But I realize that a lot of people don't actually do research into the candidates. They vote the same way their husband/boyfriend/mother/father/Oprah/best friend tells them to. (Idiots, IOW) Yes it matters. If everybody sits at home and doesn't vote in the primary elections, that means that you are trusting OTHER PEOPLE to make the decision for you. You might not think that your individual vote counts, but it does. Politicians will do what the fuck they want if they have no indication of what WE want. Besides letters & Gallup polls, voting is the only way to send them the message about what we want.

3. What qualities does your ideal presidential candidate possess? What do you want to see changed? What do you want to see happen in general? Is there any hope for any of it to come true?
Qualities? I don't know if I give a shit about that. All of them lie. All of them make promises that they can't or won't keep. I guess I'm looking for a charismatic leader who can sway me in their direction & make me believe that their plan for the country is the best.

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Thursday Challenge: Emotion

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