Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is classic pre-puberty Evan

So, I anticipated that the xanax would knock me out.

I wrote a note for Evan to read when he got home from school & wrapped the remote in it so he couldn't claim that he hadn't seen it.

The note said:

Evan. Went to the dr. today. I do not feel good. Leave me alone.
DO YOUR HOMEWORK then you can watch what you want on TV. Eat some fruit & or vegetables with dinner. DO NOT MAKE ANY NOISE. Go to bed at 8:00!

I set my alarm clock for 8:00 pm just to make sure he'd go to bed on time & put it right beside my head.

I woke up at 8:46 pm. I found this note on the alarm clock that he had moved (clearly, I never heard it, LOL.):

I did my homework. I finished "The Time Machine" by HG Wells. I ate a hamburger & some watermelon. I went to bed doo-doo face, but at 8:01. HA! Nyauka!!!!!!!!

He's cracks me up sometimes. :-)

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