Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mommy Dearest came over today

She always knocks the same way so that we know that it's her.

It was already dark! (She usually doesn't go out after dark.)

Anyway, Evan slammed the sliding glass door open & pinched his finger. Got a blood blister.

I got a blood blister when we went to freaking Walmart to buy freaking Mommy Dearest's Bday present.

I took pictures.

It really hurt. (You can virtually kiss my boo boo by leaving a comment. Thanks.)

So after he stopped screaming:

Me - You just did that so you won't have to wash the dishes.

I was joking, of course. BUT

MD - No he didn't! Why don't YOU do the dishes?
Evan - She just said she was going to do the dishes.
MD - Oh. I didn't hear that.
Me - Because you jumped all over me! I didn't get any sympathy when I got pinched by the damned wheelchair at wal-mart! LOOK!
MD - Well, I brought you guys some presents.

She brought Evan a microwave grill that he can use instead of the George Foreman. With a cookbook. Tomorrow morning he's going to try that thing with the egg in the middle of the toast. (It will probably be easier in a skillet, but whatever.)

She brought me a PedEgg.

Me - YAY! What is it?

It's pretty cool. I usually do my feet in the shower. But this is cool too. She got 2, that's why I got one.

Anyway, she stayed over here until 8:45!!!

Evan thought I was going to let him stay up until she left. He thought wrong. HA!

8 PM until his next report card. (I got a progress report today. He's doing better, but he still needs to pull up his social studies & science grades.)

So I was watching Survivor & she starts whispering. Finally I said "WHAT? Why are you whispering?"

MD - I didn't know if you were asleep.
Me - It's like 8:30. I won't go to bed until 5 am more than likely.
MD - Well you looked like you were asleep.
Me - I was watching TV!
MD - Am I keeping you off of the computer?
Me - Yesssssssss.
MD - Well, I'm leaving soon.
Me - Ok.

First I had to add more minutes to her tiny ass NetPhone. Have you seen those things? Ew. They're tiny. Like toddler sized.

I have to tinkle.

I'm out!

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