Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You know I love House, MD.

You know I love my DVR.

Fucking Fox has decided to air a new episode of House immediately after the superbowl.


The people playing the fucking Super Bowl don't even know what time it will be over.

I looked on the schedule. So far, the episode that's playing on Sunday isn't scheduled to be repeated on USA.

Which means instead of doing whatever the hell I want to do on Sunday, I'll have to keep clicking back to Fucking Fox to see if the goddamned super bowl is over and if House is airing.

WHY are they showing a NEW episode of House on Sunday?

Why don't they just air it on Tuesday & then they can air the last new episode the week after the super bowl.

God. I hate the networks. I hate the writer's strike (I'm already having to put up with an abbreviated season...). I hate the super bowl.


On a more positive note, my favorite part of last night's new episode of House was when House & Wilson were walking down the hall.

House - Where are we going?
Wilson - Nowhere. I just know it hurts you.


I don't like Wilson, but sometimes he makes me laugh out loud. :-)

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