Saturday, January 19, 2008


Week of Jan 20.08:This or that?

I think I'm in a "mood", LOL. I didn't feel like answering any of these with one of the choices given. Contrary! That's what these Southerners call it. I'm in a contrary mood.

1. soda or water? Kool Aid or some other non carbonated drink

2. mustard or ketchup? Mustard on fish & Hot dogs, ketchup on fries (most of the time)

3. lake or beach? Log Cabin

4. rent a dvd or go to the theater? DVD!! Evan talks too much to enjoy going to the theater.

5. log onto the internet or go for a jog? LMFAO! As IF I would go jogging. I think if someone held a gun to my head and said "Jog or Die!" I'd say "Shoot me! My knees hurt, bitch!"

6. read a book or watch a movie? I answered this earlier today. Read a book while watching a movie I've already seen. I love to do both.

7. italian food or chinese food? Cracker Barrel. I'm over Chinese food. I still like Mexican, but I don't go very often. I do not enjoy Italian food very often. Pizza doesn't count.

8. summer or winter? Winter!

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