Saturday, January 05, 2008

For whom do I vote?

I want to talk about the 2 canditates that are in the lead right now.

I saw Mike Huckabee on Craig Ferguson. He was very personable. Funnier than any other politician I've ever seen. It could be that I was influenced by him being on Craig Ferguson's show in the first place. (I ♥ Craig. He's insane. I love it. But I digress...)

After seeing him, I had to see where he stood on "The Issues". I went to his website, Mike Huckabee for President.

So then there's Barak Obama, AKA Oprah's Pet Politician.

I have to admit a prejudice against him just for that fact, LOL. She should have kept her fucking mouth shut. I don't think it's appropriate for her to be using her celebrity to influence the members of the Church of Oprah to vote for any specific politician. She should just encourage people to vote.

That said, I also had to investigate Barak Obama's Politics. I went to Barak Obama: Change We Can Believe In.

I saw him on the Tyra Banks show & Ellen. He's very stiff, IMO. He reminds me of my mother's other daughter. And he can't dance...but that's beside the point.

Both candidates have beliefs that sound good to me. The things that will influence my vote, though, maybe be very different from the things that will influence yours.

A helpful website (meaning one that isn't there to prop up their candidate) is There's information there about candidates voting records & some quotes. ALL the presidential candidates are represented there.

Which is why I encourage you to go to ALL of the websites and read for yourself. What's most important to you?

Then, if you aren't already registered to vote, DO IT! You can register to vote online at or Rock the Vote.

Voting is a privilege that far too many Americans take for granted. Remember when Sadaam Hussein was running for Dictator? He got like 98% of the vote or some shit. Do you honestly think that was democracy in action???

From, in the 2000 presidential election:

102 million people voted. That yields the widely-reported 52% figure.

123 million people were registered to vote. That's 62% of the eligible population.

198 million people are eligible to register. So 83% of those registered actually voted.

275 million people live in America (80 million are under 18 or otherwise ineligible).

I vote in every election for which MommyDearest & my grandmother come and pick me up, LOL. You'd be amazed at all the little stupid votes that happen every other year in your own community.

I don't know if I told you blog readers, but one day some girl was sitting beside Evan on the bus and said that he should get a girlfriend, just not her.

E - I don't want you anyway, but why do you say that?
She - My daddy said I can't date anyone who isn't white.

Her daddy was running for Mayor. Good info to have that the potential mayor is a bigot.

Anyway, you NEED to vote. From presidential elections to little "Should we get a stop light on main street?" elections in your own town.

If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about the stupid shit that's going on in the country.


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