Sunday, January 13, 2008

By the Way Sunday

I found a new Meme! So here's my first BTW Sunday contribution.

~January Blues~

By the way...

In general is January a difficult month for you or not? Not. I feel physically better when the weather is colder. :-)

Do you tend to lose weight or gain weight in January? No idea. My body has a mind of it's own. When I gain or lose, it's totally random and not at all related to what I'm eating. Sometimes I can eat nothing but candy and lose 10 lbs. I call it "The Starburst Diet".

What do you look forward to in January? Cold

What positive thing that you're proud of have you accomplished this month? I don't think I've accomplished anything of note month, LOL. OH! I did NOT yell at Evan when Wal-Mart called me yesterday and told me that they'd found my purse in the parking lot. The Boy has locked my purse in the car along with the keys. Lost the keys. All kinds of crap. I feel like I've ranted enough on those occasions. I was pissed. But I didn't really say anything about it. That's an accomplishment.

By way of explanation: It's hard for me to walk & carry at the same time. So I leave my purse in the basket when we get groceries and he's supposed to put it in the trunk along with them. He usually does. He's also supposed to get my purse out of the trunk when he brings the groceries in. It's usually not a big deal if he leaves it in the trunk, because no one knows it's in there. But if he leaves it on the front seat I feel like someone might break the window to get it, thinking that I have something worth stealing, LOL.

This has never happened, of course. The Boy has left our front door WIDE EFFING OPEN when we've gone away ALL DAY and no one has ever come in the house to steal anything (one of the reasons why I LOVE living here), but still. It's the principle of the thing, LOL.

What's your favorite January pastime? Whatever, man. I don't do anything special in January...

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