Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I am so awesome!!! (I just had to say that.)

Anyway, I was surfing on Entrecard and I found a blog that talked about this tutorial that showed you how to create a three column template on new blogger.

I've wanted 3 columns for a long time. But my options were to switch back to old blogger (which meant I wouldn't have widgets anymore) or just suck it up, LOL.

I finally figured out how to change my template to images that I created or liked better than the templates that blogger had for us. That took me a couple of weeks, btw.

Anyway, I did the tutorial. It's based on the Minima Template. Which doesn't have any images to replace (that's how I figured out how to customize my 2 column template. I just replaced their images with my own).

So, brilliant woman that I am, I figured if I could do the template with Minima, I could do it with this template (dots). And I did!

It only took me about an hour to figure it out.

I think an hour is impressive compared to 2 or 3 weeks, LOL. It's probably all the practice I've been getting changing my blog's appearance all the freaking time. :-)

Now I just have to make a new header that fits with this wider template and I'm all done!

Until the next time I change my colors, anyway, LOL.


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