Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just random stuff

I will try to remember stuff that's happened in the past few days. If I don't remember, you'll never know, so whatever, LOL.

Evan -
He was bugging me so much about opening one of his Christmas presents I said "OK, but you cannot ask me if you can open anything else!"

He picked out a plain brown shirt.

E - This sucks!
Me - Well, with you only wanting to wear dark colors and being so picky about your clothes, I don't know what to get for you anymore. But it's funny that you picked the ONE THING that doesn't have anything on it! HA!
E - It's not funny.
Me - You made the deal. LMAO!

Earlier in the day I told him to check my e-mail.

E - I bet you don't have any
Me - I bet I do (I was expecting an e-mail from a JJHF friend)
E - How about if you don't have any e-mail, I get to open a present?
Me - Fine
E - *sigh* there's a new e-mail.
Me - HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I told you to never make a bet if you aren't 90% sure that you'll win, boy! Muuuuuuuuuuhahahahaha

I love torturing him.


This weekend, the cable company has added a whole new lineup of HD channels. They haven't realized that they aren't in the appropriate folder yet. (I love it when that happens). So I have free HBO, Showtime, Starz & some other stuff.

It's HD, so parts of the picture are cut off, but it's fine enough for me to be able to see the major action.

I saw Talladega Nights. It made me laugh out loud several times.

"I'm gonna be on you like a Spider Monkey, Chip!"
"I'm all hopped up on Mountain Dew!"

That little boy's southern accent kills me. I love it!


I am falling asleep every couple of hours.

For a couple of hours.

It's killing my back.

But I can't stop.

I guess this is in preparation for the next 12 months of NO EFFING SLEEP!


I mailed some Christmas Cards yesterday.

With no stamp.

I realized this AFTER I got home.



That's all I can remember for now. And I have to go take a nap.

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