Friday, December 14, 2007

The Friday Five


1. Pick one label that you think does describe you (race, religion, hobby, etc.). Female

2. Pick one label that is often put on you, that you really think is inaccurate. Conceited. I'm just convinced.

3. Pick one label you wish could be put on you. Rich

4. What is one kind of label that you think is universally wrong to use (race, gender, height)? Genius. I think most of the people with exceptionally high IQs are socially awkward. And the people who are socially adept are fucking morons, LOL. It would be nice if whatever label we used for people wasn't for the purpose of exclusion or ridicule.

5. Labels, used intelligently, can be a convenient rhetorical shorthand for identifying how a given person will fit into (or react to) a given situation. Labels, used incorrectly, can be an excuse for dismissing the differences still inherent in the people to whom the label is applied. Discuss. No.

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