Sunday, December 16, 2007

Evan, Pinoy & Other Ramblings

The Boondocks is clearly a bad influence on Evan.

Me - Put the phone in my purse. Make sure it's off
Evan - I'm not going to turn it off. I'm going to use it for texting
Me - Who are you going to text!?!?
Evan - My weed man

It made me laugh. But I know he got it from The Boondocks.


Ever since I joined Entrecard, I've seen a lot of blogs that are Pinoy + some or other thing.

I thought "There can't be that many people named Pinoy."

So I googled it.

According to Wikipedia:

Pinoy is a demonym used by Filipinos for their compatriots in the Philippines and around the world. Filipinos usually refer to themselves informally as Pinoy or some times feminine: Pinay, which is formed by taking the last four letters of the word 'Filipino' and adding the diminutive suffix -y. The word was coined by expatriate Filipino Americans during the 1920s and was later adopted by Filipinos in the Philippines.

Demonym means: A demonym or gentilic is a word that denotes the members of a people or the inhabitants of a place. (I had to look that up too, because the prefix "Demon" had me going to an entirely different place with the possible definition, LOL.)

That concludes the educational portion of my blog post this year.

And maybe next year too...


I was reading the Ticker on my DVR.

Apparently, women have vertabrae that are shaped differently from those of a male.

It's so that when we get pregnant, we can lean back (center of gravity) without damaging our backs or increasing our back pain.

Men with bear bellies are just fucked, LOL.

I'm sure it had more info, but I just said I was done with the educational portion of my post, so I don't want to make myself into a liar already!

That is all.


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