Friday, December 28, 2007

Grace commented on one of my blog posts. (Thank you! I love comments. Verbal or otherwise. :-p) So, I visited her blog and saw a post about

Basically, you're paid to click and view ads/websites. You get $.01 for each site you view for 30 seconds. So far I've made 23 cents, LOL.

I honestly don't know why I sign up for this money making crap online. I signed up for MyLot too, but after typing my ass off to respond to messages and start new threads and only making about $2, I quit.

I never do enough to earn a payout. *sigh*

But if YOU sign up, I will get $.01 for each ad you click & view for 30 seconds. So do it. Make me some money, bitches.

I know that they do payouts through PayPal. I don't know if they do any other type of payout, like checks or anything.


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