Friday, December 14, 2007

4 for Friday

December 14, 2007

Q1 - Two Birds with One Stone: What two daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual chores would you like to combine into one chore (for instance, cooking dinner and taking out the garbage would be accomplished by just doing one or the other. Likewise, changing the baby's diapers and doing laundry OR showering and shaving--do one and the other happens without you even lifting a finger)? Cooking & washing the dishes. The dishes would be washed without my participation, LOL.

Q2 - Squeamish: What is one thing that makes you absolutely squeamish? Some surgery. Real surgery, not drama series surgery.

Q3 - Effort: Juma Ikangaa, a world-class marathon runner from Tanzania, once said, "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." Do you agree? Absolutely

Q4 - College: If you went to college, which turned out to be more beneficial to you today: the social experiences in which you participated or the academic training? Neither, LOL.

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