Friday, December 14, 2007

4 Foods on Friday

#7 questions

#1. Bagels. What’s your favorite kind of bagel and how do you like to eat them? White. With cream cheese & smoked salmon

#2. Mashed potatoes. How do you like them? Lumps - love em or leave em? I like them creamy with lots of real butter. No lumps.

#3. Mac and cheese. How do you make it? Boxed or from scratch? Add anything? I don't make it anymore. Not now that Evan is old enough to do the easy mac, but when I used to make it I would add some extra cheese.

#4. Grapes. Cold, frozen or room temperature? Do you prefer red or green? Why? If I eat them I prefer Green. Room temperature. Because my teeth are sensitive to cold and I prefer tart over sweet.

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