Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten of Tina's Twosomes

Ten on Tuesday

10 songs that bring back memories and why.

1. Make it Happen - Mariah Carey When this song first came out, I think I was still in HS. Still living with Mommy Dearest. Still suicidal, IOW. The lyrics "I often cried myself to sleep, but still I had to keep on going. Never knowing if I could take it, if I would make it through the night. I held onto my faith. I struggled and I prayed. And now, I've found my way." gave me hope that maybe one day everything wouldn't look so bleak. Now it doesn't. :-)

2. Voices Carry - Til Tuesday No idea, LOL. I probably don't have specific memories about most of the songs that take me back, I just remember liking them...

3. Kiss - Prince When this song first came out, I was still a serious Prince junkie. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends had heard it on the radio or seen the video and I hadn't. I was camped out in my room with a blank tape ready to record as soon as the DJ said anything about Prince, LOL. Even Mommy Dearest heard it before I did!

4. Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel That video was so "fresh". I still have the song on my i-tunes.

5. Pour some sugar on me - Def Leppard I just remember having a MAJOR CRUSH on some boy in HS (the boy who told me he didn't like me, but that his black friend did) and him talking about some girl in the video.

6. Karma Chameleon - Culture Club Culture Club was the first non-Prince album I bought with my allowance.

7. Seventeen - Winger I had SUCH a big crush on Kip Winger (is that his name?) he looked like a lion to me.

8. Oh Sherry - Journey I just remember singing the song over and over.

9. Let's Dance - David Bowie He is responsible for me not being able to pronounce Bowie (boo-wee) correctly when I moved there, LOL.

10. I feel for you - Chaka Khan I think this is the first time I'd ever heard that anyone other than Prince had done a Prince song. You'll notice that I have links to all the youtube videos. Except for Prince. Because he's an ass. :-)

Tina's Tuesdays
Topic: Pamper Yourself

1. Have you ever had a manicure or pedicure? I've had fake nails, never had a manicure, per se, because I don't like people touching me. LMAO!

2. If so, how was your experience? N/A

3. Do you get them regularly or is it just for special occasions? No.

Tuesday Twosome - Character

1. Is your role model someone famous or not? Who is your role model? I don't think I have a role model.

2. Which is more important to you: Actions or words? Actions. Most people that I've encountered say what they think you want to hear. Very few actually follow through.

3. Do you forgive easily or hold a grudge? Depends on what it is. If it's serious, I'll hold a grudge. If you stepped on my toe or something, I can get over it, LOL.

4. What is the last lie you told? What is the last lie someone told you? I don't really lie. I don't give a shit what people think about me so I feel like I can be honest. I don't hurt people's feelings, but if they keep asking I'll say "Don't ask me if you don't want to know the truth" and then I'll try to tell them in a diplomatic way. I've already told Evan not to ask me what I think about his girlfriends (future girlfriends) unless he really wants to know. I'll keep my opinions to myself unless asked. How would I know what lie someone's told me?

5. Would you rather be with someone for the wrong reason or alone for the right reason? Alone for the right reason, obviously.

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