Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog of the Week - Mamalicio.us

The blog of the week this week is Mamalicio.us.

She hasn't put anything in her profile so I don't know her age or whatever. All I know is that she's a single mom, she sounds young, and she's currently living with her family.

This is NOT a blog that will make you feel lighthearted.

Her posts just speak to me. I feel like I've been there. I ache for her. It can be extremely hard being a single mother. I think some of us feel it more than others.

When I was a teenager and dreamt about having a baby, there was never a man there. Once (probably after I saw Titanic) I had a dream that me, my husband and our baby boy were on a big boat/ship/whatever and it started sinking. My husband told me to take the baby and get on one of those little ships...life boat? So we did. He ended up dying.

So even in my dreams there's never been a man here to be a part of my son's life, LOL.

Honestly, a man giving his $.02 in regards to how I raise my son would just piss me off and stress me out more than it would help me.

I'm lucky enough to have an awesome son with whom family members want to spend time. It gives me a break when I'm ready to pull my hair out.

Mamalicio.us needs someone like that in her life. She needs a BFF that she can call at 3 am and cry and talk to. I feel like more of her angst is about having to live with her family than having to raise a child on her own. I totally understand how toxic "family" can be.

So go by her blog, show her some love, buy her a car so she can move out, LOL.

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