Monday, October 22, 2007

Plastic Surgery

I have problems with it.

The main one being that I think it's unfair that ugly ass beeyotches can pay someone to try to look as good as other people do naturally.

Like me.

But anyway.

I think it's false/fake and totally teaches women/girls the wrong thing. The thing being: that appearance is more important than personality.

I'm all for raising your self esteem.

Read a fucking book.

Get a degree.

Do an awesome job at whatever you do.

If you clean toilets, clean them so that Adrian Monk can eat off of the seat. If you're a CEO or a doctor, what difference does it make how your nose is shaped?

Self esteem is defined as follows: a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.

I have self esteem because I know I'm intelligent. I know I can do a lot of things well. My opinion of myself has nothing to do with how I look.

That being said, I know I have a problem with empathy, or putting myself in another's shoes.

I can understand if you've been in a major car accident that changed your looks drastically and you just want to get back to something resembling "normal". What I don't understand is wanting to look like someone else.

I've been watching The Salt n Pepa show on VH1.

Pep looks like she's had a nose job.

This infuriates me!

I don't know how old she is, but she's got to be close to 40. She's been living with her God given nose for decades & now it's not good enough??? If she was going to get a nose job, why not do it 15 years ago? Why now?

She looks like fucking Michael Jackson.

What was wrong with the old nose, Sandy?

*Update* I finally found a "new nose" picture. See??? Was that really necessary?

I couldn't get good high resolution pictures for comparison, but if you watch the show & then compare how she looked last year (or whenever) on "Surreal Life", you'll notice.


It irritates me more that this is a black woman getting plastic surgery. She had a perfectly fine black person nose. Now it's like she's trying to look like every other plastic bimbo with a nose job.


Why do women get volleyballs implanted into their chests? Why do people (male & female) get butt implants?

Why can't people just work with what they have? Be the best them that they can be?

I hear all the explanations excuses that they give. "My clothes fit better with bigger boobs." or "I had a deviated septum."


I'm all for plastic surgery for accident victims or people born with a cleft palate or whatever, but this elective plastic surgery to change your functional nose to something that you, with your twisted & brainwashed mind, think would be more acceptable to the masses pisses me the fuck off.

*End Rant*

Salt looks great! She as cute as she ever was.

And aging gracefully, without plastic surgery, is Diahann Carroll.

Can you believe she's 72??? I hope I look half that good next year, let alone 40 years from now!

Yay for women who just take care of themselves & don't pay someone to mutilate them!

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