Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So yesterday, Evan got his spelling list for the week. They have to put the words in alphabetical order & then write the definitions.

Today Evan tells me that THE TEACHER spelled ostensibly like this: astensibly. [Even if I misspelled ostensibly by starting with an "a", I would have spelled it like austensibly because that makes more sense phonetically. But maybe that's just me?]

He & a couple of other people tried to ask "Isn't it spelled with an 'O'?" and she got mad.

Today, she came back and told them all that they had to do alphabetical order over again because ostensibly starts with an "O". The same kids who tried to correct her yesterday tried to remind her that they had said it yesterday and she got mad all over again.

This same genius of a teacher often misspells words???

She has told the class that it took her 8 years to get out of college. She talks about her boyfriend, etc.

I would LOVE to call the school and talk to the principal about this bullshit. But I am afraid that she would hear about it and take her anger out on Evan.

So I must resort to writing an anonymous fucking letter and mailing it to the school.


This does NOT inspire confidence in the school system.

Are they serious that a fucking ENGLISH teacher can't spell? Was there no one else? Maybe someone who sucked at math but was great with spelling and grammar?

My head hurts from this shit.

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