Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2, 2007

Monday Madness - Laundry

1. Do you do your own laundry or do you send it out? Do my own.

2. Do you laundry at your home or a laundromat? Laundromat.

3. Are there certain articles of clothing that you need to have dry-cleaned on a regular basis? Nope. I don't buy dry clean only clothes.

4. How often do you do laundry? Is there a certain day of the week that you consider "laundry day?" Every 2 weeks. Sunday is laundry day because everyone else is at church & I get my choice of washers.

5. Do you iron your clothes as you pull them out of the dryer or do you wait until just before you wear the clothing to iron? I don't iron! I hang them up immediately out of the dryer. I haven't ironed since I worked.

6. Do you hang your clothes outside to dry or do you dry them in a dryer? Dryer. Mommy Dearest used to hang my clothes outside & once I was putting on a pair of jeans and a big ass spider fell out of the leg.

I like the way clothes smell out of the dryer. And they're softer. Line dried clothes are stiff, IMO.

7. Do you own things that need to be hand-washed or do you try to avoid buying things that you can't wash in the washing machine?
I don't buy hand wash stuff.

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