Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The last 2 days

Well after I tried getting the smell out of the microwave, Mommy Dearest came over at 3:30 (right after I realized that Evan hadn't gotten off the school bus) and told me that he stayed for tutoring (he needs help with math) and to pick him up in back of the school at 4:10.


I did. On the way home, I remembered to get a newspaper to stuff in the microwave. (It worked pretty well! A LOT of the smell is gone. I still have more newspaper left so I'm going to stuff it again tonight and see if it gets the last of the smell out.)

Then she came back at 4:30 and scared us both to death by knocking on the sliding glass door like she was the fucking police.

She asked us if we wanted to go out to dinner. So we did.

I ate a big salad with broccoli and carrots & hardboiled egg and sunflower kernels. (I've been craving salad lately) & They had these "rolls" that tasted like a fried canned biscuit to me. I stuffed it with peaches from the salad bar and that was my dessert, LOL.

Then we went to wal-mart and she bought a cell phone *thud*. She thinks she needs it for emergencies. She wanted me to bring it home and charge it up and make sure it was activated.

Me - No. I don't want to open that plastic. And if I do it and tell you about it, you'll never remember and be asking me constantly how to use your phone.
She - FINE!

I think that's all.

My back hurt sooooooooo bad. And I was itching. I made Evan scratch my back. I put some lotion on my back and while I was doing that, I found a tender spot right above my crack, LOL. It felt swollen? I haven't fallen lately. I popped a Lortab. (one of the ones from Candyman) I don't remember anything else after that.

Except at about 1 am I started watching all the shit the DVR had taped. I didn't watch House until 5 am!! I almost forgot about it! (I save a couple of episodes of House at all times, so I didn't immediately notice that a new one had taped.)

Then I fell asleep again at about 8 am. Woke up at one. Got on and found Foto Pherret. I was doing a layout when Mommy Dearest came over again. *sigh*

That was about 2:30. She had only come to watch Al. But I finished my layout while she watched QVC and kept telling me to write down numbers of shit she wanted to buy.

I gave her a pen.

I finished the layout, coincidentally, just as Evan got off the school bus. Then I let her watch AL.

She just left. That's 3 1/2 gee dee hours.

Luckily I was asleep most of the time, LOL.

I only woke up when Evan made her listen to one of Martin's songs (Sue's husband). He made her listen to the whole song. Then he was going to make her listen to another one and she started screaming that she was leaving.

I'll have to remember that for the next time she comes over, LOL. She likes Al Green & Gospel. Justin Timberlake and Prince. That's about it.

Oh! While I was doing my layout, she was telling me that she went to the bank and asked them if they had any 'favors' other than calendars. She got a whole bunch of shit, I don't remember. But then she said "Now see, they only give that stuff to white people. If I hadn't asked, I wouldn't have gotten it."

Me - It's not the sixties anymore you know. Not EVERY white person is prejudice. I'm sure they're not handing out shit to every white person that walks in the door. You probably just have to ASK.

She - *shutting up*.

I hate that kind of talk. She acts like a goddamned victim. Like "the man" is trying to keep her from getting anything. I especially hate it when she talks like that around Evan. He's bi-racial. WTF is she thinking???

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