Friday, April 06, 2007

I went out today.

I went to Wal-mart. Dur. They didn't have any electric carts. I had a lot of stuff to get so I left and decided to leave and wait until Evan got home from school to go back.

So I went to my cousin's house to give her all the CDs I've burned and don't listen to anymore (about 20).

While I was there, my 3 year old cousin said "Go get Evan. I want to see Evan."
Me - No. I don't want to see Evan. He gets on my nerves.
He - Go get Evan.
Me - NO! I'm leaving!
Cousin - Well, tell Angelika you love her.
He - But I don't.


Apparently this is his new thing whenever someone doesn't do what he wants them to do anymore. He tells them he doesn't love them.


He was about 2 in this pic. I haven't taken any pics of him since they moved. He'll be 4 on Monday.

So my cousin told me to come back later because she was going to grill and she had a little cake for "Midget Wrestler" (That's what Evan calls him.)

So I got home just as Evan was getting off of the bus. We went to Wal-mart again. They still didn't have any carts. (I forgot this is Easter weekend, so everyone was there getting their eggs and hams.)

Anyway, after WM, we went back by Midget Wrestler's house.

It was so cute/funny.

He was standing in the door when I pulled up.

Evan - I don't think he's happy to see me (Evan had the biggest grin on his face. MW loves Evan to death because Evan plays with him more than his brother does.)

So my cousin wasn't there because she'd left to go get some movies. Evan and MW wrestled on the floor for what felt like an hour. I don't know how long it was.

But anyway, my cousin lives there with her 2 kids, her brother and her mother. That's a lot of fucking people for a 2 bedroom apartment. But we won't get into that.

They ALL TALK AT THE SAME TIME. The kids are there screaming.

This is why I rarely go to see them anymore.

When she lived here, we could send the kids to the playground and have relative peace in the house while she talked me to death.

Where she lives now, there's too much racket for me to hear any one person well enough to have a conversation.

But at least The Boy can't say that I didn't take him over there in 2007.


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