Thursday, April 05, 2007

Evan has a stalker

A couple of weeks ago, Evan came home and told me that some girl (a girl who had been in his kindergarten class) said that her boyfriend was the best looking boy in school, except for Evan.

She said she liked Evan's glasses.
And his clothes.
And his hair.
And his skin color (she's mixed too).
Etc, on and on, blah blah.


Today he came home and told me that she said she goes on Myspace and searches for his name to find out more stuff about him.

WHAT KIND OF PARENT lets their 10/11 year old go on Myspace??? Do they not supervise her computer usage????


Evan doesn't even know what Myspace is. He definitely doesn't have a Myspace profile.


I have to worry about sluts already?!?!

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