Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh I almost forgot

I watched Oprah today. (Yessssssss, sometimes I have to watch the bitch because I like the people she has on her show. Today it was Chris Rock and Fantasia)

ANYWAY, Fantasia has the lead in Oprah's "The Color Purple" play. (How narcissistic is it that she has to put Oprah Winfrey Presents before the title of the damned play? I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!) So Fantasia sang a song from the play.

I swear, every time that girl sings it's like going to church. Unless she's talking about hood boys or baby making hips, LOL. But when she sings "I believe" or that song from TCP like she did today it brings tears to my eye! I don't even like church BECAUSE of all the frigging singing. Just give me the message and keep it down to under 60 minutes.


I'm bitchy. Did you notice?

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