Friday, February 16, 2007

YAY!!! The DVR is fixed

DVR = Digital Video Recorder. Like TIVO. (Freelance Cynic reminded me that not uuuurrybody in the world is as obsessed with TV as I.)

So anyway, at 4:30 I called Charter again. They gave me a messages "Your service call is confirmed for sometime between 1-5".

So 5 seconds after I hung up, someone calls me back

Her - This is Jane from Charter
Me - Ok
Her - I was calling to tell you that we've had some problems today and they may be later than 5. Is that ok?
Me - NO! But I don't have any choice, do I?
Her - We can reschedule -
Me - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I want this shit fixed today!
Her - Ok, well do you want them to call first?
Me - Just SEND THEM OVER ASAP. I've been here all frigging day waiting for them. I'll still be here after 5! (I would have been here all day anyway, but she didn't need to know that, LOL.)
Her - Ok! They'll be over shortly after 5.

The guy came over at 5:03. He's the same guy who's replaced my box twice before. And the same guy who had to replace my mother's box twice.

He said

Well he said a lot of shit. The gist is that they first hooked these apts up for cable before I was born (slight exaggeration) and that some of the cables are bad and need to be replaced. So he replaced the cable outside on the pole. Then he said since he comes up here every other day for the people stealing the cable (my neighbors) that he'll stop by on Tuesday to make sure mine is still working. (He also said that he's had to start going to the police & making a report every time now since they wait until night time to hook up the cable and remove it before they go to work. But he knows it's them because everybody else in this bldg is paying for cable & because the new boxes he keeps putting up are ripped down. He said WHEN they get prosecuted - hopefully next time - it will be a felony. HA!)

I'm SO HAPPY that he didn't have to replace the box! The last 2 times, as I said, I lost all my "House" episodes on there. (I'll have them again when I buy the DVD but that won't be until SEPTEMBER or something. I can't wait that long, LOL.) AND I didn't have to re-program the 70 something shows I have set to record. Some of them aren't on now, but it's nice not to have to remember when Nip/Tuck starts again. It's just records. :-)

I called my mother today before Evan got out of school and asked her if she was coming over because we hadn't seen her all week.

I also mentioned, as I was hanging up, that he might want to spend the night with her.

So anyway, she was still here when they called to say the dude would be late. She said "I'll stick around in case he tries to jump you."

Me - If it's the same guy that came before, I might want to jump HIM!
Her - Well, we can't have that. I'll stay.

And she did.

And it was the cute cable guy.


Anyway, Evan is at Nana's (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee).

Now I really am going to have a beer. Or 6.

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