Friday, February 16, 2007

Effing DVR

Since I got DVR, I've had to replace the box twice already.

It's pissing me off because the stuff I had saved (House) wasn't on the new box. So I can't re-watch "meaning" anytime I want to.

Since Wed at 10 pm my DVR has been fucked up. Someone's supposed to come by between 1 & 5 today to fix it.

Something else that's DRIVING ME UP THE EFFING WALL is that I have to watch commercials now. I hate commercials. I zap through commercials. I don't even watch House live so that I can zap through the geedee commercials.

So last night it LOOKED like the DVR was working again. I watched CSI live (I have "live" cable hooked up to my tv for the occasions when the DVR is malfunctioning.) and I was recording Grey's Anatomy.

So after I watched all the live crap that I had to watch or miss, I was going to watch Grey's.

11 minutes.

It recorded the first 5 minutes and then skipped to the last 6 minutes. But the red light was on the entire time so it LOOKED like it was recording.

Charter has given me so many discounts for all the times they've messed up my cable &/or Internet service.


It's not like I have a life. TV and Internet are all I have.

It's because they have a monopoly in this area. There is no other cable company. It's Charter or Satellite Dish or nothing. The last thing I need is a satellite dish back there for my neighbors to steal cable from (did I tell you about my thieving neighbors always stealing my cable??? I've had to call Charter practically every week since they moved in to report them. Why haven't they been arrested?)

I have to go to the bathroom but I know as soon as I do the effing phone will ring and it will be charter and I won't get to it before it stops ringing so they'll leave me a frigging message saying that they rescheduled my appt.


I hate them, LOL.

I'm beyond pissed about this shit.

And to top it off, this is the one week when they aren't re-airing Greys. (In this area, I heard they're re-airing it in other areas.)

Someone told me I could watch it online. So I am. Right now. More effing commercials that are 3 times louder than the program.


The online episode is acting like my DVR. It just froze in surgery. I can't move the thingee to FF past the surgery.


I guess I wasn't meant to see this episode.

I'm going to drink a beer...

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