Thursday, February 08, 2007

What I should have posted Sunday #1

Evan tried to break my nose twice this week.

FIRST, he tossed the remote to me and he didn't tell me he was going to do it.

It hit my nose.

It hurt.

He came and sat down beside me and said "I'm going to cover my head now."

It cracked me up! Because it's like he thought I was going to commence to beating him about the head and shoulders.

Then today I had to take him to the ER (asthma) and afterwards I went to jennmart to get myself some benadryl because I'm tired of fucking itching all over.

Anyway, I was sitting in the electric cart and I was backing up. He usually holds those flaps up (even though I don't ask him to) until I'm all the way backed out.

Today, he let it go.

It came back and the edge of that thing (it's like 1 cm thick plastic) fell on the bridge of my nose (I mean, if I had a bridge, the thing hit me where it would be).

It hurt.

The greeter said "Do you want me to call the manager? Are you ok?"

I guess she thought I was going to try to sue or some shit?

Anyway, now I have a big puffy "bar" across my nose.

I don't reckon it's broken. But it hurts! *sniffle*

I wish he'd wait until I get old and senile before he starts abusing me...

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