Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Is for people who are already paired up according to Dr. Cameron on "House".

She's right.

"For the rest of us it's just Wednesday."

So today I went to my other home, Wal-mart, and the cashier said "Happy Valentine's Day!" as I was leaving. I said "Thanks, you too."

As I was loading my purchases in the trunk, some lady that I'd never seen before rolled down her window and yelled "Happy Valentine's Day!" to me. I'm sure I gave her a strange look.


I mean it's one thing for everybody to wish you "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" in December, but I've never had people wish me a happy valentine's day before.

So are we going to yell "Happy Ascension Day" to random strangers in May?

MUST we do this?

Just as some people don't celebrate Christmas, some of us don't give a flying fuck about Valentine's Day.

Thank you, random redneck lady, for reminding me yet again that I am single. There will be no roses or chocolates waiting for me when I get home. No one is coming by to rub my feet or sex me up later tonight.

I feel bitter.

When I was with someone on V-day I still didn't give a shit about V-day. But now that I'm NOT with someone it's pissing me off, LOL.

So GO STRAIGHT TO HADES all you V-day lovers!

Next year when someone tells me "Happy Valentine's Day" I will reply with a "Fuck you" and a smile.


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