Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So I joined BlogExplosion

To get some more traffic.

Anyway, to get traffic you have to browse other people's blogs for at least 30 seconds. One of the blogs I browsed was Michael K. Willis' "Neverending Rainbow" (Funny blog. You should read it.) and on there he had this widget (we - that is to say 'you and I' - for the purposes of this post, shall call it a "widget" because it's more fun to say than "thingee") that said "Bookmarked Songs". So I clicked on it.

It's this site Pandora Internet Radio which is FREE that lets you create your own radio station. I have 3 so far, LOL. One with R&B, one with 80s music and one with hip hop.

I LOVE IT! Because I'm kind of tired of my I-tunes and this way I can hear artists I like but maybe songs I've never heard before because I've never bought an album. (Shut up. I grew up buying vinyl.) Like I have Blackstreet's greatest hits but who knows their other songs?

My SIL always used to sing this song "Sensitivity" but I'd never heard the real song. I just did. Nice to hear the actual song instead of her retarded version for once, LOL.

I'm off to mess with my blog template again.

Buh bye.

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