Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Something I stole

from another blog.

I haven't read it yet so it will be interesting to do it as I read it. :-)

Things that scare me

1. Space
2. Hopping insects
3. Death of my son (or disfiguring injury)

People that make me laugh

1. My son
2. Katt Williams
3. Bernie Mac

Things I love
1. My computer
2. My DVR
3. My fingernails

Things I hate

1. Oprah (not technically a thing but whatever)
2. Frivolous lawsuits
3. Multiple Sclerosis

Things I don't understand
1. Obsession with celebrity (what they wear, eat and do)
2. Quantum Physics
3. Mandarin Chinese

Things on my desk
1. Cigarettes
2. Enviga
3. Advil

Things I'm doing right now
1. Answering Evan's questions about his makeup work
2. Listening to Itunes
3. Admiring my fingernails

Things I want to do before I die
1. I
2. don't
3. know

Things I can do
1. Make awesome signature tags
2. Speed Read
3. Act like I give a shit when I don't

Things you should listen to
1. Music. Everyday.
2. Mozart
3. Music from a different country/different language

Things you should never listen to
1. Oprah
2. Tree Huggers
3. My mother

Things I would like to learn
1. Spanish
2. How to get my blog to look the way I want it to look
3. How to drive a stick shift

Favorite Foods
1. GOOD hot wings
2. Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies
3. Crab

Favorite Beverages
1. Sprite Zero
2. Tropicana Sugar Free Orangeade
3. Green Apple Kool-Aid

TV shows I watched, books I read as a kid
1. Roll of thunder, hear my cry
2. To kill a mockingbird
3. Little House on the Prairie

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