Monday, February 19, 2007

My one complaint

about Pandora Internet Radio is that sometimes you wonder WTF they are thinking.

I have 3 stations. One is for Hip/Hop. The songs & artists I chose for that are current top 20 artists and songs. Like Ludacris, "Hood boy" by Fantasia. So you would think they would get that message. Sometimes they play an older song, but it's similar to the music that I picked, so that's ok.

The R&B station has artists like Luther Vandross & Boys II Men. Fine if I hear an occasional Marvin Gaye song.

Then I have a station that's supposed to be 80s music. I have stuff like Pet Shop Boys and Wham! on there. Then they play some retarded Van Morrison shit and I'm like "What the hell is this???". I can only block a certain number of songs within a given time period. I haven't figured out what that is.

I make sure to give the "thumbs up" to EVERY song I like.

Still, all day today when I've tried to listen to the 80s station I've had to block 95% of the songs. After it won't skip a song, I switch to another one of my stations where they seem to play ALL OF MY FAVORITED SONGS one after the other.

WHAT is WRONG with the 80s station? Somebody help me.

I've decided I'll have to listen to my Itunes if I want to hear 80s music ONLY. The other stations are good for background music when I'm surfing the internet the rest of the time.

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