Thursday, February 22, 2007

A message I posted at JJHF

From: Angelika (MeMiceElf) Feb-21 2:09 pm

People, I have been awake since I don't know when.

Let me think.

Up all night Sunday night.

Woke my mother up at 7 on Monday and asked her to go to the pharmacy to get Evan's prescriptions. Had to stay awake until she got back with them.

Monday when I thought it was a holiday...

Probably got a 2 hour nap around 5 pm.

Up all night again.

Had to stay awake yesterday so I could take Evan to our regular doctor and be there at 8am when the doors opened so we wouldn't have to wait all day.

Went to the pharmacy.

Came home, stayed awake until 7 pm when I fell asleep watching some shit I had recorded.

Woke up at 9 pm with a massive headache because the pillows I have behind my back for TV watching are NOT pillows I would normally sleep on. They're hard ass lumbar support things. Also I probably jerked myself awake when I didn't know what time it was because I was afraid Evan wouldn't go to bed and I HAD wanted him to go to school today.

Stayed up all night again.

When I went to the bathroom at 5am he called to me from his bedroom and he sounded so bad I called my mother to take him to the ER.

After the ER my mother HAD to go to Shoney's for breakfast.

I had 2 cups of coffee BEFORE she told me that she hadn't ordered decaf because she figured it was early enough in the day that it wouldn't keep HER up tonight.

Went to Walmart because she needed bread.

Got home around 10. Had to stay awake because I had called the school earlier and asked them to have his homework & shit for this week waiting for me at the front desk when I came by at noon.

Went to get the shit.

Here I am, still awake.

Fucking caffeine.

My veins are popping out of my skin. I LOOK like I'm about to have a stroke.

I don't have caffeine in my diet normally. So 2 cups of coffee is like cocaine to me or something.



I'm going to watch the shit I recorded.

Maybe trying to stay awake to watch 2 hours of 24 will put me to sleep.

And now for the good news.

I DID get on the bed to watch my DVR recorded shit. I told Evan in advance not to make ANY NOISE and if I fell asleep to LEAVE ME ALONE and make sure he went to bed at 9 pm.

So I watched CSI Miami. Then I remembered I always fall asleep trying to watch "As time goes by" so I put it on. Fell asleep. Evan woke me up to ask me how to print the story he had written. I was pissed off that he woke me up.

BUT, it was 8:45 so I could make sure he'd go to bed at 9.

As soon as he printed the story (I may or may not post that. I think it's really good for an 11 year old. But I'm his idunoh. There are some things that don't make sense, but he's frigging 11!!! He's not Stephen King so I will not give him my constructive criticism at this point. I'm just glad he enjoys writing.)

Where was I.

After he printed the story and went to bed I started watching CSI NY. Fell asleep.

Woke up at 11 pm.

Turned on CSI NY again.

Fell asleep.

Woke up at 3.


That's like a 10 hour period during which I got sleep. On and off but mostly on. And this time I'm not pissed about waking up at 3 am. At least I've gotten some sleep!

Yippie Skippie!

That is all.

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