Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dame Judi Dench

I watch "As time goes by" on PBS every day. Well, 6 days a week. And the one day that it doesn't come on, I'm jonesing for it.

Anyway, in the later episodes, I keep thinking how attractive Judi Dench is. With the white hair. Not when it still had some color.

I hope when I'm 73(!!!) I can still be considered attractive.

When I see her in interviews, I like her. I like her laugh. She looks like she enjoys life too.

OMG! I'm old lady chaser! I think Paula Deen is attractive too.

I need to give up on Hugh Laurie and just accept that I have crushes on old(er) ladies with white hair...

This was supposed to be a post about Judy Dench. But I just had that revelation that I am a closeted lesbian. I can't continue...

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