Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol

I'm not going to talk about everybody because I wasn't planning on doing a blog entry about it.

But then I started taking notes...

Paula's hair looks dry and fried. Much like her brain probably is.


Sundance Head
I was so looking forward to his performance. He was one of my favorites during the auditions. I was disappointed tonight. I didn't like the song. It was boring and lifeless.

Paul Kim
He did 'Careless Whisper'. One of my favorite George Michael songs. He did a decent job with it. Plus it's always nice to see an Asian 'representing'! ;-p

Chris Richardson
He did 'I don't wanna be'. Lackluster perfomance. I can't help comparing him to Elliot Yamin's version from last year.

Blake Lewis
To be honest, I didn't even remember who he was until Randy said "I kept expecting you to beatbox." And now I don't remember what song he did. Oh it was something from one of those singers I don't listen to like Gwenyth Paltrow's Husband... Whatever. He did a good job!

Sanjaya Malaker (Or Whatever)
I really can't comment on him. I guess he did a decent job singing ? but his constant smile creeps me out and he needs a haircut. OH! I actually took notes on him, LOL. I wrote "Singing put me to sleep" and "compare to Elliot". The song is "Knocks me off my feet". Which Sanjaya failed to do...

Chris Sligh
I LOVE his personality. I wrote down "Sang well, didn't like the song". I was a little let down, I guess. But he didn't do a bad job...

Jared Cotter
Another one on which I can't comment. I mean about the singing. HE pisses me off. He's one of those people that mugs for the camera. He wants to be a star. It's not about the music with him, IMO. I don't like he.

AJ Tabaldi
He did 'Never too much' which no one can do like Luther Vandross. But I think he did a decent job of it.

Phil Stacey
I must admit to being prejudiced. He is soooooooo my type. He's so cute! I love his eyes. Even his little elf ears, LOL. His bald head was scary though... Anyway, I think he had the best performance of the night.

In the beginning I wrote "Did not like the song" but when he got to the chorus he started sounding really good. Then I wrote "Did a great job! So cute!!!"


That is all.

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