Sunday, February 11, 2007

African American

That label bothers me.

I am an AMERICAN who happens to be black. My parents and parent's parents and I don't know how far back were born in America.

To me, African Americans are people who came here from Africa and then were naturalized. MAYBE you could stretch the definition to include the children of those new citizens. But I don't think any more than that.

It gets on my nerves that people try to be all PC (that bothers me almost all the time...political correctness) when they're in my presence.

Black is fine with me. It's the preferred label if you have to define my ethnicity.

But why would you need to unless you're trying to set me up with someone? (If you are, I like them at least 5'10" with a deep voice and short hair/bald. Thanks.)


My mother came over today.

To watch Al. Dur.

I was asleep. I think I slept most of the day. I didn't get to sleep until 8 am. That's in spite of the melatonin I took.

Do you know, when I first started taking the melatonin I could take 5 mg and be OUT for 8 hours. Like a sleeping pill but with no grogginess. Now I can take 50 mg and still stay up all night.

So I stopped taking it for weeks because who knows how much melatonin is too much? I don't want to do something to myself accidentally. Like put myself in a coma. Or have a seizure. Or whatever.

What was I talking about?

No idea...

Did I tell you I finally stopped getting the constant headaches that started after Evan tried to break my nose for the second time?

Well, they stopped. Until about 5 minutes ago, LOL.

I have to shake the dew off my lily.

I'm OUT.

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