Saturday, January 20, 2007

Crazy about scrapbooking

Hoarding, actually.

I've made a few tags with the scrapbooking sets that I've collected. Now I want to make my own.

It's hard.

I mean it's easy to get inspired to make something. The execution is what I have problems with. Plus I'm such a perfectionist that It takes me forfreakingever to make 1 paper that I'm happy with and then when I make it, it doesn't look good on tags or ribbons or whatever.

Maybe I should get really good with one element and then try making a whole kit.

I've tried making mini kits, but I get so involved in making it I end up having 30 pieces to the "mini kit".

Plus I just found out yesterday I've only been using 72dpi and the standard is 300.


If I get a decent looking set I will post it...

That's all.

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