Sunday, November 19, 2006

Evan's dream

So when I went upstairs this morning, Evan told me about his crazy dream.

I had a clone who was trying to kill him.

Apparently she looked just like me except she was "milk white".

Wait, let me ask Evan again.

"ok, there was this clone of my mother and ur uh I knew it was a clone because my mother was on the bed reading Gun Seller and the clone was paper white kind of like Dr. Seuss drawings and the clone kept throwing hard stuff at me and I got my mom's little walker and started jabbing the clone with it and it was at the bottom of the stairs and it threw something hard that hit my mom and she started laughing like there was something in the book that was funny and I was thinking 'you are retarded, can't you see that there is some Dr. Seuss thing trying to kill me?' And then it went at the top of the stairs and sat on a mushroom chair and then it said 'I'm going to make myself some cold pork rinds' and I'm thinking 'What are cold pork rinds?' and then I said 'Truce for now or forever?' the clone said 'For now' and we were going to shake hands then it tried to pull me up there and I started stabbing it with something and then I woke up."

Crazy, right?

As IF I'd let something try to kill my son while I sat there reading Hugh Laurie's book.

I don't love Hugh Laurie that much.

Interesting, but crazy.

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