Friday, October 13, 2006


My mom came over because there was nothing on TV. I was ordering ABOFAL from I told her I wanted it for my birthday and since NO ONE got it for me, I was ordering it for myself.

She gave me $20 and told me that should cover one of them (I could have ordered season 1 & 2 together, but by ordering them seperately I got free shipping.)

Then I reminded her that she's never paid me for the glade light show air freshener that I got for her. So she gave me another $20 (I gave her change. Yes. Because she's like that.) And she said she'd lost $40 coming over here.

Me - I didn't jack you for it!
Evan - She didn't jack you for it! You GAVE it to her.

I mean, she could have paid for my dinner ON MY BIRTHDAY and considered that my present. That's what I was expecting. She takes me to some cheap ass place where she spends $10 and calls that my fucking present. She didn't even do that this year.

I always try to get her something that I KNOW she wants, or something I know she'll like. She never puts any effort into getting a gift for me.

She pisses me the fuck off.

If I hadn't had Evan, I never would have started speaking to her again.


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