Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Went to the dr today

For the LIST of shit that's been going on with me.

Sinus infection
Ear infection
Leg pain
Changing my anti-depressant.

The DR wasn't there, just that anorexic nurse practitioner so no pain meds. She told me I definitely need to see the dr after I told her all of the things that I've tried to start getting some sleep & for the pain in my calves.

She gave me samples of a medicine that the PATIENTS have said is worse than Ambien.


I took one about an hour ago.

Here I still is.

Tonight on House they were saying that when a muscle atrophies, you get pain.

I think that's what's happening to my legs. I had been thinking that for a few weeks...

I guess it's time for an MRI.

I have to shake the dew off my lily.


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