Saturday, September 09, 2006


So Evan and I went to the Dollar Store to get some toilet bowl cleaner because all the handicapped spaces were taken at wal-mart. I knew there wouldn't be an electric cart. I have a long list of shit to get and all of it is in different areas of the store. I didn't want to work that hard pushing my wheeled walker.

So we get in da dolla sto and I see my ex-uncle. He didn't know I had MS so he asked what was wrong and all that shit.

This is the uncle who shot my aunt - she's related by blood - because after he'd cheated on her for 20 years she finally got fed up and divorced him and she started dating. He didn't like that. So he shot her. He's been in jail for a few years.

Anyway, then he introduced me to some guy. He lives across the street from my mother apparently. I've never seen him before. Anyway, he said everbody calls him Bird except my grandmother. She calls him Pig. Has since he was a kid. She told him she's not changing now!

Anyway, he started telling me about how he painted my mother's storage shed (he called it the little house behind the big house) and my grandmother's gutters. Then he said my grandmother wants him to put up some motion sensor lights in her front yard but he can't because they keep changing his shift at work. Sometimes 6 to six in the morning, sometimes nights. He likes nights better because he doesn't have to be bothered with anybody like in the daytime. Except when he's having lunch. He likes to heat up his lunch and go back to his desk. But the people in the break room always say "Bird, why don't you sit down with us?". But he tells them he wants to get back to work. Staying busy makes the shift go faster. All those other people like to waste time and take multiple smoke breaks. But he's down to 2 cigarettes a day. He shouldn't have started again. He had quit for five years. But everybody else smokes so he started back. He was supposed to be at work today. But they changed his shift AGAIN because the night guy got fired.


All this time I'm standing there practically having a seizure standing up because my legs start to shake when I stand up too long.

I kept thinking "When is he going to shut up? I don't even know this motherfucker!"


He said if he sits still too long he'll go to sleep. And get fired. He'd rather quit than get fired. Other people say it's worser to quit, but he thinks it's worser to get fired.

Why do people always tell me their life story? I thought I had the "leave me the fuck alone" look down to a science. I guess not. I guess I look like a good listener. Or whatever.

The only reason I wasn't rude is because he knows my ex-uncle. In spite of the shit he did to my aunt, I always remember him being fun and a good guy when I was younger...

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