Tuesday, August 08, 2006

School tomorrow!

So Evan was getting ready to go to bed.

He came to give me a hug.

I said "Brush your teeth and set your alarm clock."
E - Ok
A - And tomorrow don't be flirting with those older women and trying to get a girlfriend.
E *rolling eyes* Well, if I get a girlfriend, she won't be older than 5th grade.
A - Well if you get a girlfriend, don't get her pregnant.
E - *sigh* I won't get her pregnant because -
A - Because you'll wear a condom, right?
E - Right. But I don't even know where you get a condom.
A - You can get them at Wal-mart.
E - But I don't know where in Wal-mart to get a condom. Just like I don't know where the raisins are.
A - Choking on a panini and LMFAO

3 minutes later
A - They're on the other side of the isle where you get the Advil.
E - The raisins?
A - Choking on my water and LMFAO

E - Oh. Well whatever.

I love teasing him about getting a girlfriend. Chicks have been crushing on him since he learned how to smile. I always take every opportunity to remind him to wear a condom. MAYBE he'll listen.

But he cracked me the hell up tonight.

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