Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy August!

Yesterday I didn't take Evan to football practice. Becuase I didn't feel like it & it had rained and I didn't feel like slipping & falling in the gee dee alabama clay and staining my clothes.

So today his cousins are here from ND and I told my mother I'd drop him off at her house after fb practice.

Then it come a storm! (As these southerners say) so I decided to forgo practice and I just took him to her house. By the time I parked and got in the house my clothes looked like I'd been in a waterfall.


Here's a tag I made today, LOL.

He is so flippin hot in this pic!

I watched the Inside the Actor's Studio yesterday.

Awwwwwww. Poor Hugh.

And poor Evan because he asked me to change my desktop so I used that pic.


I found about 300 pics of him online today. Ones with the stubble. He looks too British without the stubble, LOL.

So I think I'll be able to make a Hugh tag for every day of the year.


Let's see...do I have anything to say that isn't about the 2 men in my life?



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