Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Evan's report on the 1st day of school.

First, my mother came over at 3.

So she could see Evan. I made her watch Hugh Laurie on Inside the Actor's Studio since she was there. :-)

Starting at 3:10 she jumped up every time she heard a car go by the street to see if it was the bus.

Me - You will hear the first bus go by, and then about 5 minutes later Evan's bus will squeak to a stop at about 3:25. You're like a nervous mother jumping up and down like that!

Anyway, he said most of the kids that were in his 4th grade class are in his homeroom.

He said "My homeroom teacher told us that there are going to be people we don't like here, but we should pretend we do. But then she has a poster up in her room that says 'Be Honest.' "

We laughed at the irony. Then I said "Well you don't have to pretend you like someone if you don't, just don't be rude or mean about it."

He said something else that cracked us up but then we went out to dinner and I've forgotten.

I couldn't cut my goddamned steak. I had to ask my mother to do it. My left side is so weak. So I'm sitting in the freaking restaurant trying not to cry about having my meat cut for me.

My mother was about to freak out (she's not used to seeing me cry). Evan said "Just give her a minute."

He's an awesome kid! And he shuts her up better than I can!

Then he made me laugh and everything was cool.

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