Friday, August 11, 2006

Evan is full of shit


Last night he said he saw blood on the tp after he wiped his ass. He asked me if I wanted to see it.


I told him we'd go to the dr today.

Then he said his stomach felt really hard. And it did.

So we went to the ER.

I warned him the dr might have to stick something up his butt. I just wanted him to be prepared.

Well, he didn't have to have a lower gi or anything. They just took an x-ray of his guts and the dr said "See all this gray stuff? It's fecal matter."

It LOOKED like he hadn't had a bowel movement in weeks there was so much shit. But there were no impactions. No hemorrhoids.

I said "I didn't know anyone but prenant women and old people had roids."

Then the dr started telling me all of his shit stories. A 7 month old baby with roids. :-( An old guy who was impacted and then he finally shat (he didn't flush to toilet so the dr could see it) he FILLED UP the bowl with 7 inch diameter shit. Coiled around the bowl.

Every time we go to the ER we get this doc. I wonder if they give the black people this guy (he's black). I mean, how odd is that?

He talks a lot. (the dr.)

He looks kinda like the chief of staff on Grey's Anatomy.

Anyway, they gave Evan some milk of magnesia and some mineral oil.

It was 1am when we left.

He STILL hasn't has a bm.

I'm making him drink water & apple juice until he goes. 20 oz per hour.

It has me concerned. Seriously. He shits all the time! Like sometimes twice a day. How the hell can he have so much shit in there?

He's peeing a lot, LOL.

Still no shit. :-(

Motherhood is odd. I'm on pins & needles waiting on someone else's bowel movement...

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