Tuesday, July 25, 2006



But anyway, I told Evan the plan:

Go to the bank
Go to the sports store & get cleats and mouth guard
Go to Wal-Mart & get TP and stuff
Go get gas
Go get Chinese Food

So he picked out the cleats. (They look so awesome!)

Then at Wal-Mart we were at the register and he said something, I don't remember, and the Cashier said "He really takes care of you!" I agreed. He said several other things to remind me of whatever because I have CRS.

So, I wrote the check and he said "Did you write it for $20 over? You know we have to get some gas." By this point I was tired as hell (the geedee heat) and I said "That's why I went to the bank! I remember!" I felt like an old lady and my son was treating me like I'm retarded but not trying to be condescending to me, LOL.

Anyway, we got the food and went home.


Then I had to take him to practice.

So my cousin was there. Her dad showed up with his new GF. After they left, I said "Where is she from?"
Her - Hawaii. She said The Rock is her cousin.
Me - Tell her I want some naked pics.
Her - I told her if he ever comes to town, to let me know because I have a cousin and a grandmother who love him. She said she would. (Why the hell would he ever come here??? NOBODY comes here on purpose.)

So then we had to go get Evan's pads. He got his uniform pants, but not the shirt.

Ummmmmmmmmmm...that's it.

When he gets his entire uniform, I'll take a picture. :-)

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