Monday, July 10, 2006

Damned car!!!!!!!!

I bought my mother's old car when she bought her new one.

She pampers her cars. She parks them in a garage. Has some dude detail them and all of that crap.

As soon as I bought it the paint started getting dull and flaking off. The upholstery on the inside is coming down. Looks like a fucking ghetto car.

But anyway, today I had to do the laundry. So we went to the laundromat and put the clothes in. Then I went to see how much it would cost for Evan to take Karate lessons. Then we went back to put the shit in the dryer. Then we went to sonic for a drink. Then we went and folded the clothes. Then we went to Hardees for dinner.

Each time I started the car, it sounded like it didn't want to "catch" and I knew I'd have to get it looked at, but I just wanted to get it home.

Since they take 3 fucking hours to fill your order at hardees, I turned the car off. No need in wasting my geedee gas for which I paid $3 a gallon.

After he finally handed me my order at the wouldn't start. So dude had to come out and push the car to a handicapped space. It's hard to turn the wheel without power steering. I'd forgotten that. (One of my old cars didn't have power steering, but my mother buys ford tauruses and I've gotten spoiled.)

So dude said I need a new starter. I could have figured that shit out myself.

I hate the fact that the goddamned car waited until I got it to start fucking up.

Whatever. Now I have to pay for a tow, a starter, the labor, then I have to pay for my car tag to be renewed and my insurance. I need to call and see if my insurance pays for tows.


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