Thursday, September 05, 2013

New Weekly Blog thingee.

Feeling HAPPY


just came up with this today, if someone else is doing it...great minds think alike!

Today, I am thankful for:

    My 93 year old grandmother, because she STILL calls me "Babe" after all these years. :-)

    My Aunt who ALWAYS tries new recipes & brings some over for The Food Hoover Boy, LOL

    That I found a church that I like!

    That I am able to afford my medication

    That my back hurts less than it did yesterday

    That I haven't had a headache today

    For my BFF Angela because she ALWAYS has my back & loves me in spite of me!

    For my cousin/neighbor who picks up our sons from FB practice during the school year

    That my Hoopty still gets me where I need to go

    For the internet which has allowed me to reconnect with family that live far away & meet so many AWESOME new friends from all around the world!

:-) Your Turn!

Now, here's another video I recorded today, LOL.

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