Friday, August 16, 2013

Shoulda known better!

In Pain


o, yesterday I needed to go to my mother's house. I've basically felt like shit all week because I'm 'peridioc' (Wendy watchers will get that..). But anyway, I waited for The Boy to get home from practice (5:30 pm) and asked him if he wanted to go. He said "NO".

So anyway, I get about 20 lbs worth of books, had Evan put them in the car, took a pain pill for my back & drove to my mom's. Then I had to get my flipping heavy ass walker out of the flipping trunk & put the fraking heavy as shit garbage bag full of books on the walker so I could "roll" them to the door.

So, I did. 2 books fell out of the bag. I rested on the back porch for about 10 minutes, picked up the books & carried them into the house. I just dropped them in the middle of the kitchen, LOL.

So we talked about stuff.
SHE's saying "Why do you have to cuss so much?"
All I was saying was "Damn".
I told her "Damn is in the Bible, it's not a cuss word."
Later she dropped something & said "Shit!"
I told her that "Shit" is not in the Bible, so she should say "Anal Expulsion, Defecation or Poop" if she's all about not cussing.

Her EXACT WORDS: "Shit" isn't bad! I can say "shit" all I want! Shit shit shit shit shit.
Me: But "Damn" is so offensive to you?

Anyway, she asked how old Bill Cosby was. I said I didn't know, but he needs to sit the eff down & shut the hell up. She said he's got to be 80something with the crazy SHIT he's saying. (FYI - William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr. born July 12, 1937)

She - "I know he's got to be older than ME, because I'm 39+ and even I ain't that crazy."
Me - So XX years older than you is old?
She - Yes
But you being 30 years older than me isn't old?
She - NO!
Me - OK, Mom. You're not crazy AT ALL...
She - Shut the shit up! (or something to that effect)

So, I had taken my evening meds at 7pm & those, combined with the pain pill I had taken, was making me feel sleepy. I told her to call Evan & tell him to walk down to her house & drive me home.

She - He'll just want me to pick him up & bring him down here so he can drive you home.
Me - I don't need him to come down here, I just want to see what he'll say.

So she called, he said "By the time I get down there it will be dark & I don't think she want's me walking in the dark, but ok. *long suffering sigh*
She - *Sweet Nana voice saved only for Prince Evan* She was just kidding, Evan. She doesn't want you walking down here after FB practice.

Entyway, I drove myself home, called my mom to let her know I had arrived safely & fell the fuck to sleep!

Today not only my back is hurting, but my knees too. *cries*

I KNEW I shouldn't have lifted that heavy ass bag of books, but I didn't want to try to transport them 1 at a time or leave them outside for some stray animal to shit on.


Heating pads & bed for me today! :-(

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