Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mommy Dearest kidnapped The Boy!

Feeling Aight


membered what I was trying to member in the video. The Lowe's Dude thought my nephew in the Marines was Evan. A) NOT ALL MIXED KIDS LOOK ALIKE! & 2) That was just stupid. Anyway, the last week of school, Evan wore a baseball cap into the weight room & all the boys stopped fooling around for a minute because they thought he was a coach. HA!

The Boy shaved his 'stache & then his head so he looks like a giant baby! My mother told him if he shaves his 'stache again, she's hoing to stand on the coffee table & beat him with her cane, LOL. He DOES look naked without facial hair...

Evan said I said "Bye" & waved at him! I don't remember that, so it didn't happen! It's a conspiracy! ;-)

DANIEL Sunjata, not David. WTFE, at least I remembered his last name. :-)

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