Monday, November 26, 2012

Fuck you too!

Feeling Pissed


ike I just said on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & any other pace I remembered, I've decided that I have TOO MUCH OF MY OWN SHIT to deal with to worry about motherfuckers that can't take a damned joke. I have Multiple Sclerosis, a teenager, insomnia & depression. If you choose to hate me because I speak my mind, I'm glad to know NOW. It helps me clean up my "friends" list. Save postage on Christmas cards & concern for people who OBVIOUSLY don't feel concern for ME. So FUCK YOU TOO, kiss the blackest part of my ass, SUCK DEEZ NUTS & Go to HELL! Anyone who wants to block/delete me, tell me now & I'll save you the trouble & block you myself.

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  1. That sucks big time. Double fuck them all.

    1. Sho nuff & Thank you!

      Glad I went to the DR today to tell himI've been up for 3 fucking days & I'm hallucinating.

      I got a cortisone shot (for my knees), an estrogen shot for my hot flashes.

      I just took one with my neen meds. I'll be OUT in acoule of minutes, LL.

    2. Hope you feel better girly. pain is no laughing matter. uhh uhhh.


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